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Buy Masteron Propionate also known as Drostanolone Propionate has very strong anti-estrogenic properties. This Steroid literally has no estrogenic activity and therefore doubles as an anti-estrogen in the body.

This property is similar to Nolvadex (PCT) and therefore is advantages towards the end of your cycle especially when you are it the final cutting phase and it also has amazing hardening properties.

Masteron also enhances fat loss due to its strong binding with the andron receptor. It is 5 times more androgenic than Testosterone which promotes hardening and fat loss. Because it is a strong androgen it promotes lipolysis which breaking down into fatty free acids of which some activate proteins in the body etc.


Buy Masteron Propionate

When you Buy Masteron Propionate, estrogen side effects are virtually impossible as it does not aromatise in the body. This would suit a more leaner person who is at the end of his cycle and looking for body hardening whilst in his cutting cycle and that last little bit of fat loss. It can also promote a power boost if on a proper calorie controled diet

The Benefits of

Masteron Propionate

• Acts as an Anti-Estrogen
• Good for hardening in cutting cycles
• Estrogen sides virtually impossible

Best Use:

You could consider using Anadrol or Dianabol when you use Masteron. Use when in a Cutting Cycle for cutting and hardening effects.

Masteron Cycles

Cycling with Masteron will be during a cutting cycles sensibly towards the end as it has strong anti-estrogenic properties. A Typical dose of Masteron for men should be around 400mg per week. Therefore a 1ml injection every 2 days would be correct. For the advanced Bodybuilder, a daily injection is common but every two days is fine for the normal builder.

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