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(Mesterolone) - 25mg - Post Cycle Therapy (£60)

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(Mesterolone) an orally applicable androgen and dihydrotestosterone derivative

It is excellent for maintaining libido whislt off cycle and is also an excellent mood enhancer. The primary function in the Bodybuilding world is as an anti-estrogen and is used to prevent or slow the conversion of Steroids into estrogen. The anti-aromatisation effects takes a direct approach when it comes to dealing with estrogenic side effects.


Use Proviron

Proviron protects against gynocomastia and man boobs. Because it is highly androgenic it can be favoured for those who are using Winstrol, Anavar and Primo. These Steroids in particular have a low androgenic content and Proviron can help to increase this and improve hardness and muscle mass.

The Benefits of


  • Direct anti-aromatization effect
  • Helps to prevent gynocomastia
  • increases Libido and enhances mood

Best Use:
Be careful not to discontinue use too early on as it may allow a rebound effect because the high serum estrogen levels would then once again be free to take action. This would inevitably bring
on an onslaught of side effects so always complete the course.

As to be expected, both Nolvadex and proviron work extremely well together, both cutting away at estrogen from two completely different angles. With these two both hard at work, you may find that your estrogenic side effects are at a bare minimum.

Proviron (Mesterolone) Cycles

One or two tablets a day along with 20mg of Nolvadex is quite sufficient for most males whilst
females may want to supplement half the amount of 25mg daily.

A great addition to any Post Cycle Therapy and works particularly well with Nolvadex.

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