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an extremely powerful anabolic steroid, basically Testosterone in its raw form.

Testosterone Suspension is most certainly an extremely powerful anabolic steroid. It is basically Testosterone in its raw form. Unlike most other stewroids which have short and long esters attached, Test Suspension has none. This means that the solution is completely pure Testostrone and acts extremely fast. It is the fastest acting Testosterone of all.

Testosterone Suspension is used for rapid size gains and also to help getting through a barrier where you find your training has plateaued. Although being a valued steroid to some athletes, many tend not to use it because it can cause slight pain afgter injections. Also the speed and effects of this Testosterone means that you 100% need to take anti-aromatase or AIs whilst using this to ward off any sides.

Why Use Testosterone Suspension

Testosterone Suspension is prodomenently suspended in water as aposed to oil unlike most other anabolic steroids. Because this Testosterone has no ester attached, it means the mass in the compound will not be taken up by the ester, thus increasing its potency.

As it is a raw Testosterone it makes it perfect for treating deficiencies like low Testosterone levels. If Testosterone levels fall and you suffer loss of libido or similar, the only thing that can fix this is Testosterone increase and this is exactly what Testosterone Suspension is.

Performance wise, Tesosterone Suspension will be used mostly in an off-season cycle and posses the ability to add massive size gains to the user better than any other steroid and Tesosterone Suspension can do it faster.

You will be able to control fat gains easier when you have high Testosterone levels although you still need excess calories and to make sure you minimise the fat intake. But beware, as it acts so fast, so does the estrogenic activity which promotes fat gain. Again, using suitable AIs like Arimidex should help to combat this.

This Testosterone is the perfect plateau buster when your cycle starts to grind down to a halt. The high levels of Testosterone available with this steroid also mean that with a good diet you can minimise lean tissue loss whilst losing body fat.

The Benefits of Testosterone Suspension
  • protects lean muscle mass
  • Rapid size and strength gains
  • Improves libido and well being
  • Enhances Muscular Endurance and rate of recovery
  • Perfect for treating deficiencies like low Testosterone levels

Best Use:

Athletes will see this as one of or if not the best steroids for increasing strength. Further it wont add a lot of mass so is ideal for athletes. This steroid is primarily for strength and power. You will experience increased recovery times and improved muscular endurance along with massive strength increase.

Being that it is also used to treat Osteoporosis, it strengthens our bones and tendons. But you may find achy joints as you get stronger and cut down further quite simply because you are able to go heavier.

All round a great steroid for physique shaping and definition.

Cycling with Testosterone Suspension

For maintaining a therapeutic setting average doses are between 25-50mg 3 days per week. For the bodybuilder it would rise to 50-100mg every other day or every day. It is also known that some like to split the dosage into two injections in a day but there isn't really much use in this as the half-life is around 24 hours.

100mg is the norm but 200mg is not unheard of. pretty much most males do not need more than 100mg of Testosterone per day. And the more you use is the more the side effects are possible. Test suspension should probably only be used for a short period of time, perhaps at the beggining of the cycle to get a kick start before introducing of Testsoteromes that have an ester attached. A maximum of 4-6 weeks is fine to kick start a cycle or even 3 weeks for the newcomer.

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