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a blend of 3 Steroids in one and includes:

Tren Acetate 50mg
Tren Enanthate 50mg
Tren Hex 50mg

This Steroid is is up to 5 times as strong as Testosterone.

The Benefits of Tren Acetate

Acetate is the strongest and most powerful anabolic steroid around today. It increases Muscle Mass and Hardening with minimal water retention. Massive Muscle Fibre gains can also be had.

The Benefits of Tren Enanthate

Enanthate is the largest ester based version of the hormone. It is much larger than the Acetate version. It is excellent in cutting cycles and has strong fat burning properties. Another of its good properties is its ability to greatly preserve muscle tissue.

The Benefits of Tren Hex

Hex is excellent in cutting cycles. It preserves body mass, helps to burn body fat and give you a hard physique. Because of its high anabolic rating it is also fantastic in a bulking cycle.

With Tren Hex you will notice that you can train for longer without getting tired and you can also expect enhanced muscular endurance along with quicker recovery times after extreme or heavy sessions.


Because this compound consists of long and short esters you will get quick results from the short esters along with steady on going results over time from the long esters. It has a half-life of around 10 days so less frequent injecting is required although once a week injecting is recommended in order to keep your blood levels optimised for maximum benefits.



has many excellent qualities and that is why it is a prefered steroid for many users. Most who use this hormone like the fact that it has all the Tren products in one, which means less fiddling and less injecting. here are some of the benefits you get when using Tri-Tren:

• Increases Mass & Hardening

• Minimal Water Retention
• Massive Muscle Fibre Gains
• Excellent in Cutting & Bulking Cycles
• Strong Fat Burning properties
• Greatly preserves Muscle Tissue


Buy Tri-Trenbolone

, made of the strongest Steroid compounds that will greatly help you with almost any cycle. Read More...
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