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Tudca - High End Liver Protectant - 60 caps - (£40)


There are plenty of cycle supports out there that support your body in every way during an anabolic cycle, but if your focus is the most powerful liver protection, look no further.


The Benefits of TUDCA

  • Promotes a Healthy Liver
  • Promotes a Healthy Heart
  • May Encourage Healthy Cholesterol Levels
  • No Side Effects

Product Details


Protect your liver with the Real Deal in Liver Supports using TUDCA a superb High End Liver Protectant. If you are running a hardcore anabolic cycle you should definitely be concerned about the gains, but you should also make sure you are protecting yourself from the pains!

Tudca is a commonly prescribed for the treatment of those who suffer from the lack of production and flow of bile from the liver, without bile flow, your body can not remove toxins! Tudca is naturally produced in the body, so side effects are virtually non existent!

TUDCA Expained


Tudca: Tudca stands for Tauoursodeoxycholic acid which is a metabolite of ursideoxycholic, a common treatment for cholestasis. Cholestasis occurs when the production or flow of bile to the liver slows or stops.

As an endogenous bile acid, Tudca enhances natural bile production and inhibits the formation of toxic steroid metabolites. Therefore eliminating the blockage of bile!




Tauroursodeoxycholic acid 250mg

Directions For Use

Serving Size: 1 -2 capsules per day
Servings Per Container: 60

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