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Steroid use and especially

Steroid Abuse

has, of late, become one of the most often discussed topics in the World today. Steroid Abuse is spoken about everywhere from the water cooler at work to the Government Offices. But the one thing that seems to elude most people is a good idea of what we´re talking about when we talk about abuse is "Just what is ABUSE?"

When does Steroid Use become Steroid Abuse?

It´s very difficult to understand abuse when it´s talked about regarding steroids. For example, you can watch the news and hear about athletes abusing it. You can even read a Magazine and see an article about how steroids have been used to improve height in children, and then read in "Newsweek" that steroids stunt growth! So how do we understand?


Well the first thing we´ll need to do is define "Abuse" when we´re talking about steroids use. Clearly, there are a lot of different effects that steroids have, and some are good, while some can be bad. So, I think the easiest way to make this understandable to everyone is to relate this to something that´s much easier to get a real grasp on: Alcohol.

There´s a clear line between a social drinker and an alcoholic. One is doing damage to themselves, while the other has the clear ability to control their intake of alcohol, and responsibly maintains their faculties while they are drinking.


In the end, alcohol abuse is when the cost/benefit ratio is too high, and you spend more time feeling terrible the next day after drinking than time you felt good the night before. This is the same situation I´ve seen with steroids, where in some cases, people can feel very good while on a cycle, they "crash" after it, and feel terrible after they go off their cycle.


Abuse is also when you can´t control your intake of something (in this case, we´re still talking about alcohol here), and it begins to register as a compulsive habit. This is when alcoholism begins to manifest in an individual.


Further We´ve all read or heard about professional athletes who get injured, and receive a prescription for painkillers. And we´ve also heard the stories of them using those painkillers to help heal their bodies, but then continuing their use and eventually becoming addicted.


Typically, we find that steroid abuse is highest in those who are uneducated about their effects and side effects. This group crosses the line between abuse and use, by mistake, typically. You obviously must do your research before deciding wether using Steroids is going to be right for you.