If you are about to take Steroids then there are important factors that need to be implemented. In this section we are going to look at all the important factors surrounding a correct Anabolic Steroid Cycle and also the importance of having Testosterone in your Cycle.


The Importance of a Correct Steroids Cycle


Sometimes it matters not how much you administer Steroids in one go, but the way you administer them. For example in a simple Dianabol Cycle, the dbol should be taken every 7 hours because we know that Dianabol has a half-life of only 7 hours. Therefore if we wanted to take 60mg per day, two should be taken in the morning and then another two seven hours later and then again seven hours on. There are some people who use Dianabol and take 6 tabs in one go thinking that it will do the trick, not so.


Now that we know it is not just to take

Anabolic Steroids

but also to administer them safely and correctly in order to produce maximum results. You must remember also that in most cases when in an On-Cycle mode you must perform a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) Cycle when it is completed. The more aggressive your on-cycle has been is the more aggressive the PCT Cycle should be.


The Importance of Using Testosterone


Another major importance is the use of Testosterone Steroids in your cycle. Testosterone is a hormone that we are all already used to because Testosterone is generated in the human body naturally. So you must remember that when you engage on a new Steroids Cycle that it is of major importance to ensure that your body has enough of this hormone to enable it to continue functioning properly whilst on your Anabolic Steroids Cycle, hence the importance of Testosterone.


Testosterone also helps to increase a number of traits in the body. Just look at some of the advantages of a Testosterone optimal male:


Increased Sex Drive (libido)

Increased Confidence

Increased Energy

Strong Bones

Fat Distribution,

Increased Muscle Mass

Increased Strength


It is commonly thought that those who are in a constant battle fighting Depression and similar could have low Testosterone levels. The optimal Testosterone Male should feel more wholesome, happy, less moody and in high spirits. Linked with cognitive behaviour Testosterone may help to influence the way you deal with your problems and stress levels. Apart from this at also helps to increase dominance, desire for power and competitiveness.


You will hear lots of stories that people who are on Steroids are moody and angry. This is a myth, in fact studies show that most angry, depressed males actually have a low testosterone count and this is what generally causes anger and irritability in males.


Conclusion: Always check you are doing your Cycle correctly when using


and that you have sufficient amounts of the Testosterone hormone for normal bodily function.